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Listening to yourself as a musician When I say listen to yourself, I don’t mean record yourself and listen back, (although that is a great tool for learning). What I’m talking about today is listening to your inner voice. We are so busy rushing from job to job, managing multiple jobs and sometimes children, that […]

Eyden Project

August 6, 2023

Creating confidence as a musician by listening to yourself

  What does courage mean to you ? So many of us as musicians feel it differently. I took courage to audition for the Swingles at 19 and it paid off. When I was younger I was ok with things being ‘messy’ as I knew I was new at things and couldn’t be expected to […]

Eyden Project

December 7, 2022

Courage for Musicians

Musicians often ask me – How can I build a fanbase of people who will support all I do and buy my albums or courses ? Well the short answer is this – Don’t make it about you!  We are told we must promote what we’re doing. But this in my opinion, (and from the […]

Eyden Project

July 18, 2022

How musicians can build an audience around them

How do you get clarity over what you offer as a musician ? Surely it’s great to be versatile and show off all the talents you have ? Right ? Wrong.  Multiple talents as a musician ? Sharing multiple ‘talents’ you have as a musician does not do you any favours online. You might be […]


January 21, 2022

Clarity around what you offer as a musician