Creating confidence as a musician by listening to yourself

Listening to yourself as a musician

When I say listen to yourself, I don’t mean record yourself and listen back, (although that is a great tool for learning). What I’m talking about today is listening to your inner voice.

We are so busy rushing from job to job, managing multiple jobs and sometimes children, that we forget to check in with ourselves.

Worried about your age ? 

As a musician, you will find that the inner voice is trying to speak to you but it shows up in different ways than you think! It’s not a case of ‘Go left at the traffic lights and you will find your destiny’ – it really means sitting with intention and listening to your gut instincts about the music career you are living right now.

You might be on an amazing path and loving every minute as I did in my 20’s. Or in your 30’s and looking to enhance your career, go to the next level and also maybe get married – because that’s what everyone else is doing.

Maybe you’re in your 40’s and feeling like you’ve missed the boat because social media is full of youngsters ? Or like me in your 50’s and finally understanding yourself so you don’t much care what anyone else is thinking anymore! You do the music jobs that you love and that’s it. You’re looking to be more fulfilled and wondering how you can use your musicianship to do this….(I’m coaching musicians to fulfil this part)

Ignore it at your peril!

Your inner voice will most likely lead you to where you’re meant to be. But here’s the thing. If you ignore it, then it can be disastrous for weeks, months and sometimes decades.

You see, rather than searching outside of yourself for the answers – The next gig, the next party, the next session, the next tour…..I’d love to share with you why that is not going to give you the career you want. Until – You sit down with yourself and listen.

I believe firmly, because I’ve proven it to myself, that the more we as musicians, sit still and practise feeling what we want more of in our live (love, laughter, ease, freedom etc.) Then it becomes our reality. We are so good at ignoring that voice. Some musicians spend their lives ignoring that voice and get to their 80’s or 90’s and say “I nearly did [insert goal]” or “I came really close to [insert dream]” or even worse they blame the ‘industry’…..”well things have changed now, it’s not what it was, people don’t want to listen to [insert their music] anymore’ But I say no, to all of that.

The music industry is how you are, not how it is

There are lots of people making lots of money in this world delivering their music to fans. It’s just that not everyone knows what to do to build an audience and sell to them. They want it to happen quickly, like they perceive X factor or The Voice to be. Rather than understanding it’s a journey and it takes time, and yes some strategy helps and some intention helps and doing the work helps.

I mean, yes I would love to be singing with orchestra all over the world, swooshing on stage with a blanket of strings behind me as I croon through some emotional ballads. But the truth is, my inner voice has led me to help other musicians. And I don’t mean that in a dodgy weird manifesting type person online way! I think I was meant to do this work, because it saves me. I live with high anxiety every day. It is controlled way more than it ever has been in the past few years since starting this business. And I feel the strongest and most confident in myself when I’m helping other musicians and delving deeper into healing, how to banish anxiety and give people the courage to take action for themselves and remember who they are.

I feel invincible and although I am first and foremost a singer and always will be, this work is an important part of my life that I don’t want to lose. It’s added a dimension I never predicted. And I love it!

Try these things to find your inner voice

But back to you! I dare you to sit still every day for 5 days and listen to your intent. Imagine yourself in your dream life. What is happening for that person, who is around you, and how do you feel ? Write down some words that describe the feeling you have. Think about those words – they are the energy that you need to bring to your life now. Don’t wait for another person to give you this. Newsflash – they won’t – and can’t. It’s not their job. It’s your job to bring the energy you want to feel, into everything you do.

So listen. And evolve. And enjoy!

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