How musicians can build an audience around them

Musicians often ask me – How can I build a fanbase of people who will support all I do and buy my albums or courses ? Well the short answer is this – Don’t make it about you! 

We are told we must promote what we’re doing. But this in my opinion, (and from the training I’ve done from the brilliant Lisa Johnson who has built a multi million pound business online in 5 short years) not the whole picture. Yes we must be out and proud about what we are doing. But not to the exclusion of your audience. 

If you think of it more like a conversation and the fact you’re building relationships based on giving then everything will fall into place more quickly. 

What can you share ? What do you have in your head that other musicians or music fans would LOVE to know ? 

Marketing your music is all about the psychographics of your audience more than the demographics. To make sure people follow you because they love the value you bring as a brand, will escalate your album sales and show up rates at your concerts and gigs. 

As Lisa often says – being consistent is more important than being constant.

I would recommend you build a sales funnel to attract listeners to your music.

Give away some tracks or some knowledge that you have of the industry that your audience would love. Stay connected. Take them on a journey. 


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