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I help musicians earn more money by showing them how to build a business online using social media. 

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Phillipa - Singer and guitarist
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Meet Sarah Eyden, a musician and entrepreneur dedicated to helping musicians feel great about themselves so they can build a profitable and fulfilling career. 

As a self-taught business junkie, Sarah has always had a passion for entrepreneurship. During the pandemic, she invested thousands of hours and resources into her own education, learning the ins and outs of audience building, marketing, and sales. Now, she uses her expertise to guide musicians on their own journeys to success.

Sarah's unique experiences and insights have helped her develop a holistic approach to musicpreneurship, one that prioritises self-care and confidence strategies alongside business strategy. She understands that building a successful music career is about more than just the music itself – it's about building a community, finding your voice, and sharing your gifts with the world.

Through her mentorship, coaching, and resources, Sarah helps musicians find their own unique path to success. She is passionate about empowering artists to build sustainable, fulfilling careers and is committed to making a positive impact in the music industry.