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Quick Wins 30 day course. 

Introducing the 'Quick Wins' 30 day Course. 

Many musicians overlook the power of a captivating marketing message and a seamless customer journey, and they're missing out big time!

But fear not, because in our 30 day quick wins course, we're going to make sure you don't make the same mistake. We'll help you craft a message that truly speaks to your audience and optimise your customer journey so you can connect with your fans like never before and make some easy sales.

Plus, we'll help you with the tech stuff, sort out what you'll need for your client agreements, how to set up receiving payments, and give you the tools you need to stay organised and focused. So, if you have something ready to go or have an idea for some extra income, then let's chat!

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What do you get ? 

4 one hour sessions with me to nail :
Your Message
Your Ideal Client
Your Tech
Your Content/Sales

"I feel that I'm becoming the director of my own life movie, rather than just an actor in it, being directed by other people" - Jo Forbes, Singer and Composer

Jeff Stewart, Choral Holidays.

"I have had the great pleasure, over the last three months, of being coached by Sarah Eyden as part of her Musicians Who Mean Business Academy. I’ve learned a huge amount and it’s led me to making so many changes to the way I do things. I thoroughly recommend her programme to any musicians who, like me, feel that they need to make changes to get the best out of themselves and their talents. I have raised my prices and now speak to over 700 people in my new FB group! " www.choralholidays.com
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THE 'QUICK WINS' 30 day course  for musicians is right for you if..

You want to know exactly how to speak to your ideal fan/student

You need to know how nail your strategic marketing message

You are willing to learn some new tech skills so you can sell online

You need a clear roadmap to market your idea 

You know that being open to support and accountability will help you 



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